For DB2 z/OS customers -Tcorem can help your organization reduce your Total Cost of Ownership of the mainframe by reducing your mainframe CPU usage. This is achieved by converting remote accessed DRDA/DDF DB2 COBOL stored procedures to native procedures. This will enable up to 60% of the native procedures CPU usage to be zIIP eligible. Our automated solution is customized to fit you needs. You will be able to start realizing a return on your investment within months rather than waiting years.

For DB2 LUW customers РTcorem can help your organization in migrating DB2 z/OS applications containing COBOL stored procedures to LUW. We convert the COBOL stored procedures to native stored procedures which will be ready to deploy and test upon delivery.

Our solution can be tailored for your individual needs whether you have one or one thousand COBOL stored procedures to be converted. We guarantee functional equivalent code when we do the full conversion.

Tcorem provides additional services through our network of highly skilled associates.

  • Project management
  • Testing of native SQL stored procedure
  • SQL performance tuning

All of the Native SQL stored procedures can be imported into IBM Data Studio or IBM Option Development Studio as is and will be created in such a way as to ensure that all lines with in the Native SQL stored procedures do not exceed 80 characters so that they can be stored in a standard Source Control application.